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Gen(erational) Family Groups  come in a variety of ages, stages of life and focuses - and so do our leaders! If you are feeling called to lead a group, do not let fear or doubt stand in your way. We are here to help every step of the way!

GenFamily Group

Leader Registration

Is Open!

(Group launch is Feb 25th)

Things to Know
Things to know:
GenFamily Group Leader Requirements

Your primary role of a GenFamily Group Leader is to help group members move one step in their walk with God. Leading a group does not require that you have a pastoral degree or that you have lived a sinless life, but we do have a few requirements: 1. You will need to have attended Generations Church for at least 6 months. 2. You must agree with our Statement of Faith. You can find a link for this at the bottom of this page. 3. You must complete the registration form. You can find a link at the bottom of this page. 4. You need to have a basic plan for what you will be doing in your group. 5. You will need to complete a basic interview with our GenFamily Group Coordinator.

How to Start a group

First thing is to determine the direction and a topic, or activity, for your group. Seek God for guidance. Next, choose a place and time to meet. We suggest avoiding noisy places for discussion, but groups can meet anywhere: at your home, at the church, in nature, or out at restaurants/cafes. After you have determined the who, what, when and where, complete & submit the GenFamily Group Leadership Application. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to schedule a basic interview. One of the most important steps is to invite people you know or meet to come check out your group. Personal invites are the best way to get people to join your group! Finally, pray for God to do great things through your GenFamily Group!

What a GenFamily Group looks like

No matter what your group meets about, each meeting should be made up of four things: 1. Casual Fellowship - Laid back time for group members to talk and get to know each other. 2. Activity or Discussion - This will vary based on what kind of group you’re leading. It could be an activity like Frisbee or outreach or a discussion about a book or weekend message. 3. Prayer - Ask for prayer requests from group members and pray at the beginning and/or the end of each group meeting. 4. Spiritual Component - Whether it’s through activities or discussion, always find a way to include the Word of God. This can be as simple as sharing something God is teaching you with the group or talking about a verse you read that week. GenFamily Groups are not a place for: Business (i.e. using your group as platform to sell products or services) Offerings Unapproved materials or speakers

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